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2.0 Review of Related Literature
Reviews of Related Literature and Studies this includes the ideas, generalization or conclusions, methodologies and others. Those that were included in this chapter helps in familiarizing information that are relevant and similar to the present study.
Foreign Literature
They develop the system entitled eBarCloud. It’s an inventory management software enables you to perform web-based inventory management and cloud inventory control. It makes it easy to gather data and operate online, securely. BarCloud helps eliminate manual data entry errors and paper based files by automating the record-keeping process. The System features Check out and in, data import, mapping, maintenance, analytics, alerts,
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The capstone project entitled Inventory management in a manufacturing/remanufacturing hybrid system with condition monitoring .The management of the serviceable inventory in the hybrid system. Whenever a replacement occurs, the gap in the fleet needs to be filled with a new product from the serviceable inventory. This is done primarily by remanufacturing under the assumption that remanufacturing is much cheaper than manufacturing a new product. The manufacturing option is considered only when the remanufacturing process is unable to satisfy the demand. The product returns are of two types as explained in Chapter 3. All the preventive replacements in state 0 are said to be of Type 0 (higher quality) and all the preventive replacements that occur in state 1 are said to be of Type 1 (lower quality) according to Bhavana Padakala.
The major challenge of servicizing is the decision making regarding both product replacements and inventory management. Since the customer is ensured a working product at all times, these decisions become very important in a servicizing scenario and thus the research in these areas. Also, the stochastic nature of the product quality becomes an issue in the remanufacturing scenario. Condition monitoring plays a major role in helping reduce the number of failed products and obtaining better quality remanufacturable returns.

Local Studies
The Distor of Proposed Sales MonitoringSystem issued

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