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DrainFlow Leading and Managing Organizations Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Addressing the six questions 3. Conclusion Questions: 1. Although it is clear employees are not especially satisfied with their work, do you think this is a reason for concern? Does research suggest satisfied workers are actually better at their jobs? Are any other behavioral outcomes associated with job satisfaction? 2. Using job characteristic theory, explain why the present system of job design may be contributing to employee’s dissatisfaction. Describe more way you could help employees feel more satisfied with their work by redesigning their jobs. 3. Lee has a somewhat vague idea about how reward the cash reward system. Describe…show more content…
Furthermore, some appointments have been rescheduled because an assistant plumber was sent to handle a job that calls for a licensed plumber. All of these situations are the cause of the customer looking into getting future services from our competitors. Lee Reynaldo, a regional manager, has sent out surveys to customer and has been trying to analyze the problems. Lee believes the employees are not motivated enough and that the specialization strategy could be contributing to problems. Lee wants to use cash rewards to entice employees to strive for good customer service. If the cash reward does not work, then there will need to be some changes to help DrainFlow get back on its feet in the markets. ANSWERS Question 1 Employees at DrainFlow are not motivated and are lacking in customer service. DrainFlow needs to create a more energetic work environment in order to help motivate employees to help customers. Employees that are satisfied with their jobs tend to be more motivated to achieve organizational goals. Since the Employees at DrainFlow are not happy at this time it should raise a concern to the board. Research suggests that organizations with more satisfied workers tend to be more effective than organizations with fewer satisfied workers (Robbins, 2013). Lee has currently sent out surveys to customer, and they are coming back negative. The results are 40% of customers were not pleased with the services, and 30% of customers will use a competitor the
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