Asean 's Security Dilemma ( Asean )

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ASEAN’s Security Dilemma, Major Powers’ rivalry and the ASEAN Centrality ASEAN was officially founded in August 1967 when five founding member states jointly signed the Bangkok declaration. Since then ASEAN experienced number of threats, such as security threat in cold war, economic and financial threat in 1997 East Asia Economic crisis, and now being in the security dilemma between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, prominent major powers attempting to dominate the region, despite all the threat, ASEAN set its goal to become a community in December 2015 which has lot of potential to contribute to the world stage but it also has countless number of challenges, mainly caused by its diversities, nationalism and lack of…show more content…
The first paragraph of this essay will explain the concept of security dilemma, security issues in the constructivist approach and the construction of identity in international relations. The second paragraph will introduce ASEAN and its identity. The paragraph before last will mention the interaction of the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America in the region which resulted in a security dilemma in ASEAN, then the last section will be the conclusion and the summary of answers to the aforementioned. The security dilemma is a fundamental concept in IR originate in John Herz’s writing provided the definition of security dilemma back in 1951 “a structural notion in which the self-help attempts of states to look after their security needs tend, regardless of intention, to lead to rising insecurity to others as each interprets its own measures as defensive and measures of others as potentially threatening” (Herz, 1950: 157) which is a classic definition heavily associates with realism. In international system, where there are no world governments or police to provide security for states as a result state exist in an anarchy and the only way to ensure their own security is through self-help. In short, security dilemmas caused by anarchy, however, in this essay,
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