Aseptic Technique And Culturing Bacteria

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Aseptic Technique and Culturing Microbes(1) experiment was followed as stated in the lab manual from Clinical Microbiology Class C-453. Aseptic technique was initiated at the beginning of each experiment. Starting by cleansing the work surface with disinfected wipes to prevent cross contamination each time. Utilizing the gloves and personal protective equipment assisted in maintaining a pure culture during the series of experiments. The first step, was to grow the yeast and bacteria cultures. The materials used for the Aseptic Technique Experiment(1) were: test tube rack, 5 mL nutrient broth tubes, pipettes, a lit tea light, Fleischmen’s rapid yeast pack, E. Coli tablet and the S. epidermidis tablet. Started by activating the yeast, by placing the content of Fleischmen’s yeast bag in a disposable cup. Then added approximately 60 mL of warm tap water into the disposable cup. To assist in mixing the two items, I carefully swirled the cup. Once the mixture was combined, it then was left alone for around 10 minutes or until it was frothy. Each nutrient broth tube was labeled with the correct name of the microorganism that was cultured in that tube and dated. The S. epidermidis was selected first, to be cultured. Taking one of the 5mL nutrient broth tube in one hand, the pipette in other hand. The cap was removed with the same hand that had the pipette. Utilizing a lit tea light, like a bunsen burner, I flamed the mouth of the nutrient…
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