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This essay it will explain the Aseptic Technique and how it is used to prevent the spread of infection in wounds. It will also give a personal experience of performing the technique. Hart (2004) states the principle of Aseptic Technique is to prevent the spread of micro organisms to wounds and to protects the nurse and patient from healthcare-associated infections (HCIA). The technique used for less invasive procedures such as intravenous drugs and wound care is the Aseptic No-touch Technique (ANTT) (Pratt et al 2007). The key aspects of this skill are consent, preparation and prevention. The nurse must obtain consent from the patient and explain the procedure. The patient must be made comfortable and placed in a suitable position…show more content…
I found my first introduction to ANTT interesting. I enjoy practical sessions and find it a good source of learning. When being shown ANTT I thought that the Donning/wearing of gloves may cause problems due to cross contamination, however once tried I found the process relatively simple. Very quickly I adjusted to the process and refrained from touching hair/clothes The purpose of the ANTT is to protect the patient and nurse from infection and to prevent the spread of pathogens. This can have a huge effect on the recovery rate of the patient. HCIA can mean a longer stay or readmission to hospital and in some cases lead to disability or death (Hart 2007). This information suggests that the ANTT is not being carried out correctly and Department of Health (2005) support this by stating that 9% of patients contract HCAI’s per year in UK hospitals. I recognise that with my own experience it can be quite easy to cause cross contamination, correct hand washing is vital as it is one of the main cause for the increase of infections in hospitals. I thought that washing your hands was quite straight forward until I used the ultra violet light and saw the places that I missed. I now practise the seven stages of hand washing ensuring I clean my hands correctly reducing the risk of cross contamination. I know that with continued practice I shall carry out the ANTT confidently and without making mistakes, remembering to dispose of items correctly. I have also

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