Aseptic Technique Lab Essay

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Aseptic Technique and Culturing Microbes Lab 3 Brittney Case August 4th 2013 Section: Mic 101 Microbiology Session 1 Abstract: The Purpose of this experiment is to gain knowledge of how to properly use aseptic techniques to transfer cultures, learning about cultured media and how to distinguish various types of microbial growths as well as what is required for them to grow properly. Hypothesis: This exercise will allow me to gain knowledge of how to properly use aseptic techniques, become familiar with basic requirements of microbial growth, cultured media and methods to control their growth. This will further my knowledge and skills in making observations about specimens. Methodology: Materials: -Small…show more content…
B. List five microbial killing methods, how they work, and what they are used for. 1. Incineration: burns organisms and physically destroys them. This method is used for needles, inoculating wires, and glassware. 2. Boiling: at 100 degree C for 30 minutes kills almost all endospores. Very long or intermittent boiling is required to kill endospores and sterilize a solution. This method is most commonly used for purifying drinking water. 3. Dry Heat: (hot oven air) at 160 degree C for 2 hours or 170 degree C for 1 hour. This method is used for glassware, metal and objects that will not melt. 4. Irradiation: usually destroys or distorts nucleic acids. Ultraviolet light is generally used to sterilize the surfaces of objects, although x-rays and microwaves can be usefull. 5. Toxic chemicals and gas: such as formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, and ethylene oxide can kill all forms of life in a specialized gas chamber. C. What is a pure culture? Why is it important to work with a pure culture? A pure culture is a culture containing a single species of organisms. It is important to work with a pure culture because it ensures that only one type of bacteria is present and thus aids us in the study, characterizing and identifying of microorganisms. D. What is aseptic technique? Why is it so critical? Aseptic technique refers to a procedure that is preformed under sterile conditions.
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