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I.SUMMARY Introductory Page This aspect covers the product description, target market, demand and supply analysis, and demand and supply Gap, marketing programs, pricing structure and projected revenue, contains also the information about the Aqua Long Life Refiiling Station. The business area where will be put up and who are really the target customers of Aqua Long Life Water Refilling Station. Our strategies on how we stimulate and satisfy the target customers’ needs and wants and expectation through the product and services of Aqua Long Life Purified Water Refilling Station, how are we going to introduce purified water refilling station business to the public to make competitive advantage over competitor specially target market…show more content…
For this reasons the proponents decided to propose a commercial establishment namely Aqua Long Life Purified Water Refilling Station. The study has been prepared to determine the target markets for drinking water businesses for the residences or walk in customers around the establishment’s location. For the fact that Aqua long Life was surrounded with nearby residences of Dona Salud Subdivision and expected walk in costumers. Where will you sell the product/service The actual prospect customer for the product or service of Aqua Long Life Purified Water are those residences inside the subdivision of Dona Salud, Sasa Davao City. We are also entertain those customer who know our location and wants to have their refill of purified water from Aqua Long Life. How will you price the procduct or service? The actual price per How will you promote the procduct or service? Marketing Program/ Strategy Own Marketing Strategy Aqua Long Life provides customers the good quality service, best quality of clean ,safe and affordable drinking water that you can experience daily on reducing your thirst. We provide good service to potential customers earning them trust and loyalty. We want customers to enjoy

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