Ashamed Of His Brutality During The French Indian War By Benjamin Martin

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Ashamed of his brutality during the French Indian War, Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) a widower stays on his homestead with his seven children in South Carolina vowing to live a peaceful life. As one of the most crucial wars in the American History gets closer and closer to South Carolina, the state must decide whether to join or flee. Benjamin, who wants nothing to do with the war, argues against joining the fight with the most powerful country in the world, Britain. When it is decided that South Carolina will join the fight Benjamin 's eldest son Gabriel (Heath Ledger) enlists without permission. Even though he argues against it, he lets Gabriel go. Benjamin stays as far away from the war as possible until a sadistic British officer, William Tavington, burns down his home, takes his slaves, murders his second oldest son Thomas, and takes his oldest son as his prisoner. Forced to choose between his family and a peaceful life Benjamin reconnects his roots from the previous war and rescues his oldest son. After Benjamin rescues him, his son enlists stating that it is his duty to the country. Even though he is hesitant, Benjamin then enlists to accompany him and becomes the Colonel of a militia. Benjamin does some recruitment at a local tavern and musters up a decent size militia. He leaves his other children with their aunt Charlotte, his dead wife’s sister. Gabriel and Benjamin separate for recruitment and Gabriel travels to a town and reunites with a girl from his
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