Ashes, By Susan Beth Pfeffer

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Gayle Forman said, “Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.” In the story, Ashes, by Susan Beth Pfeffer, Ashleigh’s parents are complete opposites. Her mother is logical and brutally honest, and her father is optimistic and, as he puts it, “a dreamer”. When her father needs money, Ashleigh is faced with a choice: to take money from her mom and damage their relationship, or endanger her father by keeping the money. Ashleigh chooses to take the money from her mother, because she makes it clear that she favors her dad, she agrees to help him even when she knows her mother won’t like it, and she cares much about her father’s well-being. First off, Ashleigh makes it clear that she trusts her father, and that she enjoys being around him more than she enjoys being around her mom. For instance, Ashleigh explains on page 2 of Ashes, “I sat waiting for Dad, who I knew would show up eventually.” Even though Ashleigh mentions on page 1 of Ashes that her dad is not always there when he is needed, she trusts him enough to know that he will be there to see her. Also, she recalls on page 1 of Ashes, “it felt like every time I saw my father, the sun cast off just a little more warmth.” Sunniness and warmth is associated with joy, so the warmth that Ashleigh felt on the days she sees her father is representative of the happiness she feels. Furthermore, Ashleigh goes on to add on page one of Ashes, “Dad drove me home Tuesday nights, and the moon always shone as
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