Ashford Computer Literacy Week 5

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Computer literacy-The impact of mobile computing INF 103 Bonita Spight-Williams September 8, 2014 Mobile computing is growing at an extremely rapid rate and you can see it everywhere you go. You are probably doing it yourself multiple times a day and don’t even realize it. Phones, laptops, tablets, cloud storage and wireless networks that we use everyday are just a few elements of mobile computing. A survey listed by Bowles states that 26% of smartphone users makes them feel like they are being more productive than without them. (Bowles 2013) I can remember taking typing class in high school and now almost every school in America issues tablets to their students. In order to fully discuss mobile computing we first have to…show more content…
There are a few highly advance word processing apps like Microsoft web apps, Polaris and documents to go for the iPad. (Bowles 2013) I have used both Polaris and Microsoft but have not tried documents to go. Polaris was extremely good on my Android Galaxy S3 smartphone and let me do almost everything I could do at my desk out and about. I was a deployment manager for the Air Force at the time so I always need to be able to view and edit Excel documents on the fly. It was great to just be able to do it without having to call the office and have someone else do it or try to make a mental note to do it later. I can say it saved my backside several times. The iPhone was first release in 2007 and it was the first handheld device that really advanced the web browsing experience (Newton, 2008). It was such an important event that TIME Magazine awarded it with the invention of the year. According to Newton this also was the signal that web marketing was entering a new day and age. Say hello to the mobile web. You no longer needed to be tethered to your computer to browse the Internet. The same thing applied as with almost every other tech breakthrough and other companies followed Apple and these days any smartphone is able to do just about everything a computer can. I know that most websites I visit offer a button on the screen letting you choose to stay on the mobile

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