Essay about Ashford ENG225 Week 2 Assignment 1

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Elements of Design
ENG 225: Introduction to Film
Prof. XXX
December 23, 2013

Designing a film is something not everyone can do. It takes a lot of patience and attention to detail to ensure the creators of films make the best possible scenes with zero to minimal mistakes. Every scene needs to be spot on with elements such as setting, lighting, costuming, and temporal elements. When watching a movie for the first time, people don’t normally pay much attention to the small details but when a film is a considered a favorite, people tend to spot small mistakes within films. Let’s take a look on how these artists focuses on making films a detailed and enjoyable. Christmas movies are the popular choice
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Elf (2003) is a Christmas movie and with saying that, people expect to see Christmas decorations, lights, music, and costumes to make the audience feel like it really is Christmas. In this scene of the film, you notice that it takes place in the mall and is completely decorated with Christmas decorations everywhere. Buddy has on his signature elf costume and the fake Santa has on a traditional Santa outfit. The scene itself screams Christmas and no one can argue that. Film scenes don’t make itself come to life; this specific job is designated to the art director. The art director is Kelvin Humenny and this man help collaborate with the director and production designer to produce the overall look and feel of Elf (2003). Humenny delegated tasks to production, set, electrical and lighting designers, unifying those roles in the effort to bring directors aesthetic vision to life. Again, this is a Christmas movie and the set up is suppose to make the audience feel the Christmas spirit. This scene was a success in my eyes. The set and lighting was spot on as you look at the details of the scene, all you can notice is Christmas decorations and lights. The lighting itself wasn’t overwhelming but just right and what people expect for Christmas decorations. Costumes and the set up a scene stand out most to people but makeup and hair styling are some details that help make scenes become complete as well. Buddy has his signature short
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