Ashleigh's Family: Is It Right Or Wrong?

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Ashleigh’s dad wants Ashleigh to steal $200 to pay off a financial issue. This is happening because Ashleigh’s parents got divorced and her dad doesn’t have the money to pay for things. So Ashleigh thinks about on what her dad wants her to do and she decides to bail… Here’s why. she thinks her mom will find out, she knows it’s wrong, and there are other ways to help her dad. Ashleigh thinks her mom will find out she is stealing because she kept on questioning her dad. This is because that she doesn’t want to do the wrong thing. In the text it says “ Mom’ll be home soon.” this means that Ashleigh is scared of her mother finding out so, Ashleigh’s mom must be brutal on punishments. But if Ashleigh’s mom finds out that she is stealing for her…show more content…
The part Ashleigh starts to realize this is wrong is when she starts saying " That's a lot of money. What if mom finds out?" So she had to lie to her dad so he wouldn't feel bad, then went to her moms and didn't take the money. It's also a little sketchy because her dad parks a block away then says " take the money, and come right back down." Ashleigh probably feels very uncomfortable when her dad says that. There were a few other ways of helping Ashleigh's dad other than stealing from her mom. Like selling his car, he could get at least about $6,000 for it. And the situation he is in right now that is a pretty good idea because he can just walk or get a taxi. It doesn't even matter if he sells his car because he even said once I get my job I'll be rich( or he at least said something like that). He also could've taken some other things with him before he moved out, so he could sell them and not be in this situation. These three reasons are why Ashleigh will not steal the money, she thinks her mom will find out, she knows it's wrong, and there were other ways to help her dad. Ashleigh did not steal the money but she did come very close to stealing it. But in the end she made the right decision. Ashleigh's dad wants her to steal $200... But she
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