Ashleigh's Mistake

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Buddha once claimed, “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” In the story, Ashleigh has to decide what path she wants to take in life; right or wrong, good or bad. Her father, whom she very much loves and adores, wants her to take his ex-wife’s, Ashleigh’s mother’s, emergency money. Although Ashleigh’s dad says he’ll pay her and her mom back before anyone notices the money is missing, Ashleigh is left with a tough decision; does she steal the money from her mom for her dad, or does she make her dad figure out another way to come up with the money? Ashleigh did not take the money because she knows that her and her mom wouldn’t have any money if an emergency occurred, she would get in a lot of trouble if her mom found out, and she wouldn’t have a way to replace the money if her dad never paid her back.…show more content…
Her father tried persuading her into taking the money by explaining to her that her and her mother would be fine for a few days without the money. “‘Your mother would never know the difference. Unless there’s an earthquake or the Martians invade. I think we can gamble neither of those things will happen before Friday.’” (Page 4) No one knows when an emergency is going to happen, that is why it is an emergency, because otherwise, people could prepare for what was coming and possibly even stop it from ever happening. The most someone can prepare for everything is to have a way to provide for themselves when it
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