Asian American And Asian Americans

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What comes to mind when I think of Asian Americans I think of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. I envision them having the look of a Chinese or Japanese person. Black or darker hair, droopy eyes, and a smaller built body. Until this project I thought those were the only people considered Asian but I was wrong. Asian also includes Filipino, Asian Indian, and Vietnamese people as well. The three main types of Asians are Chinese, Japanese, and the Filipino, and they all have been in America the longest. Chinese started immigrating to California in 1850, in the hope to find gold, become rich, and to find better opportunities. Most of the time, the men left their families and came to America themselves in hope to return to their mainland with money to help their families. The types of jobs they received when they arrived were working on railroads, intensive farming, and domestic work that whites wanted nothing apart of. As more Chinese kept coming over, the people of the United States realized how many Chinese were in the U.S. and decided to try to keep them out. They did this by violent attacks, discriminatory laws, newspaper articles, and the Chinese Exclusion Act which stopped immigration of Chinese for 10 years. The Chinese responded to all this violence and tried moving east or settled into the ghettos of American cities which are referred to as “Chinatowns.” Chinatowns were depressing areas and they consisted of lonely men who got involved in prostitution, gambling, and…
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