Asian American And Eating Disorders

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Asian American 's and Eating Disorders
When one thinks of the ideal physique and what it takes to achieve this, most simply go to diet modification and exercise. However when it comes to adolescents, the need to fit in is immediate and often time fast measures are taken to achieve what they consider as the perfect body. Adolescent culture is ever changing but when combined with home cultural views the stress that it can place on a teenager to conform can lead to development of disordered eating. There are few studies on Asian American’s (AA) and their cultural views on weight, however much is being learned. AA’s have always been pen-pointed as being the group that have maintained cultural values through the generations. AA with disordered eating have shown the need to please parents and achieve not only academically but also in appearance (i.e., presenting oneself in a certain way), and this is linking family pride is linked to their children’s achievement and appearance (Tsong & Smart, 2015). Even with all we know, pathways to disordered eating are complex and have various outliers, and still are not very well understood (Streiegel-Moore & Bulik, 2007) Just about all patterns of disordered eating begin with dieting, unrealistic outcomes, and problematic views of the world around (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2016).
Eating Disorders (ED’s)
Anorexia Nervosa
Anorexia nervosa, is a condition that causes those who struggle with weight to go through “voluntary…
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