Asian American Stereotypes

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Asian American Stereotype Every day we all suffer from stereotypes most get affected or not. Depending on your race involves to the expectations others expect from you. Asian American education and success stereotypes that are negative or positive raises the stress among them compared to other race. This topic fulfill the essay requirements since it is a social issue that Asian Americans go through every day. The whole point of Asian American stereotypes is that everyone expects a lot from the Asian American like grouping them as model minority. Education is one of their priorities due to their culture’s importance in honoring their family (Zhou and Lee). The reason this topic motivated me is because I am tired of the Asian American…show more content…
My second source that I had in mind of using is “Asian American and stereotypes” by New York Times, It defines how Asian American should not be judge by their scores or salaries. It also describes how culture leaves Asian people exhausted, depressed, and self-destructive due to the stereotypes and culture. This article also describes how Asians are judge by stereotypes than by their character. Main people are affected like a boy who is black gave up on his test and went to go throw a few basket because that was the thing his race is good at. It explains how in a study in 2010 that Asian Americans gave low leadership than white Americans. And my last source is “The Asian Advantage” by Nicholas Kristof, is about the higher education attainment Asian American have compared to any other group.
And how there is racial inequality among the United States that is the reason for White privileges. The author also mentions my first source and explain that Asian American children work harder if their parents are from the working class. He also explains how serious Asian Americans see grades compared to white Americans who are lead back. The article explains that there are disadvantages in the groups that makes it hard for some to reach the American dream. Saying it is harder for a child who is raised by a single parent than a child who has both parents. Depending on the child’s life it gives the child advantages in life making it less of a

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