Asian American Writer Named Amy Tan

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During a time of oppression and fear, immigrants had no choice but to travel to America. Ranging from Europeans to Asian, these particular individuals have spent countless hours to make it through custom and learning a new language in order to transition into America. One Asian American writer named Amy Tan was introduced to a unique and different lifestyle from her parents and that was making a shift from their English to the standard American English. As a result, this lifestyle allowed her to witness and experience how an Asian parent raises their children in America and how she broke outside of that barrier. One particular instance in Tan’s lifestyle was the constant use of “broken” English from her mother. Throughout Tan’s life, her mother would always speak English that normally sounds abstruse. For instance, Amy Tan’s mother spoke English like so “Du Yusong having business like fruit stand. Like off-the-street kind”(Tan 490). While this type of English is, in fact, difficult to comprehend, it carried over to the style that Tan speaks. With the thoughts of her mother’s English, Tan started to feel “ashamed of her English”(Tan 491). Even with these strong emotions, she started to develop these strong habits that she gained from her mother. One moment like “Not waste money like that”(Tan 490) showed that Tan develops some habits that she picked up around her mother. Like mother and daughter, her English has become similar to that of her mother’s English. While it may
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