Asian Americans And Hispanic Americans

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Categories, groupings, assumptions, classification; it’s like society is built to expand yet isolate, to be authentic yet alike. We form assumptions which turn into the ordinary or the “norm.” If one person is a certain way then surely everyone like them is like that also. Two of the many cultures and ethnicities we have placed stereotypes amongst are the Asian Americans and Latino Americans. We have placed assumptions about who they are which only perpetuates the classification and, essentially, the isolation. Have you ever heard the phrase, “oh, is he Asian? That’s why they act like that, they all do.” What a way of making a, perhaps, false assumption and classifying one person into a group of millions of people. Asian Americans have long been depicted as “brainiacs” in contemporary media. We see them as technologically advanced and extremely intelligent. When I was in high school, it was the Asian kids that you wanted to sit next to and the ones you wanted in your group because they always had the right answer. We see them as taking on the medicinal or engineering careers. Although many do hold positions in these job categories, we have to know that not all Asian Americans align their lives to society’s classification. Furthermore, not only are they positively portrayed in the media; they are also given negative stigmas. They are thought of as terrible drivers. I have seen countless movies where the reckless and careless driver is assumed to be Asian American. This

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