Asian Americans And The American Dream

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Today, the status of the American Dream is mostly beneficial for citizens in the country that have certain connections and higher education. Overall, the American Dream is dying and it is much harder for a person now to achieve it if he or she does not have any direct connections or a higher education and a more well-off economic standpoint. The standards in the society has made is much more difficult for minorities to face their obstacles to pursue their dreams. Over 44% of the American population today are minorities because of the influx of immigrants and refugees coming into the States simply looking for a better life than what they have had before and to provide the best for their family. This dream is very much alive and true to…show more content…
Questions such as “‘You speak English well. Where did you learn it?’” (DiversityInc) and “’Where are you from? No, where are you really from?’” (DiversityInc) are common questions that fuel stereotypes even though it might come out as a harmless question. Anand, a responder to the English question says that ‘“Just because a person has an accent…that’s different than mainstream’” results in assumption that a person can’t communicate.” (DiversityInc).
Since Asia is a vast and thriving country, there are plenty of different languages—Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese are just some common languages that are in United States. However, language barriers present a problem to Asian Americans especially in the older generations. “One of the contributing factor to the differences between AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) group is English proficiency…” (Migrante21). The reason why English proficiency is a factor in Asian Americans is because some Asian American households only have one language spoken at home. By retaining their languages at home, the elderly has very little chances to speak English unless they are speaking to their grandchildren or their children. This type of language isolation is very prevalent in my own household where my mom and dad sometimes have a tough time speaking in English and would often stumble on their own words. This is because in the household,
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