Asian Americans : Asian American Women

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Asian Americans
Asian Americans (AAS) are diverse ethnic group’s origins from the Far East Southeast Asia and Indian continents. More than 800 languages are spoken among AAS. They are one of the fastest growing populations in the US. 43 percent increase between 2000 & 2010. There are 15.5 million Asian Americans living in the United States (2012 Census Bureau population). Even if all Asian Americans have the same traits, such as strong family values, importance in educations, following tradition and valuing personal relationship, still there are many differences in language and culture among Asian American groups as well. In 2012, the total private insurance coverage for Asian Americans was 68.8 percent, as compared to 74.4 percent for the non-Hispanic White population. 15 percent of Asian Americans were uninsured, as compared to 10.4 percent non-Hispanic White Americans.
The current health status of Asian American
Asian Americans experiencing few health problems related to other ethnic groups. Asian American women have the highest life expectancy (85.8 years) of any other ethnic group in the U.S. There are many risk factors in Asian American health such as fear of deportation, language and culture barriers and lack of health insurance. 2 million AAS do not have the health insurance in the US. Their most high incidence of health conditions are cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetics, COPD, Hepatitis B, HIV, TB and lung disease. In 2012, tuberculosis was 24 times more…
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