Asian Americans

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Jose Cruz Asian-Americans Soc/262-Contemporary American Society Nantrece Carraby August 10, 2015 Asian Americans According to the United States Census Bureau the definition of Asians refers to those people of origins of any original peoples of Southeast Asia, Far East, and or the Indian subcontinent. Asian Americans cover four point eight percent of the United States population. Asian Americans tend to have the highest educational accomplishments and income compared to other races. Along with other races and ethnicities Asian Americans have a remarkable thorough history. Analysis Cultural value of Asians towards education Educational goals from Asian American parents play a vast role in their children’s…show more content…
This act was but a revised act of the US- China Burlingame Treaty that allowed the United States to suspend Chinese immigration. This act was only intended to last ten years but, was renewed again in 1892 and made permanent in 1902. This was the first United States law that prevented a specific ethnic group from immigrating into the United States. Despite all this racism, came along the Manguson Act which canceled the Chinese Exclusion Act in December 17, 1943. Similarities and differences between Asians and Americans Just like many other families, Asian values are similar to those of American values but, there are some differences. One main similarity between Asians and Americans is that both seek for the best quality of life they possibly deserve. The Asian culture is very communal and family orientated, unlike the American culture, Americans tend to be very independent and individually orientated. An interesting topic that I came across was how Asian and Americans interpret directness. In the Asian culture people tend to value politeness above directness. On the other hand Americans tend to value directness over being polite, in other words Americans lay it out how it is and Asians tend to sugar coat it. Other distinctive behaviors that differentiate from Asian and Americans are how they feel about working hard. Asians value hard work above play and Americans feel play
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