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the meaning of Dhammapada and its influence In the last two weeks we have read all the chapters in the book <<The Dhamamapada>>. And among all these chapters, chapter fifteen is my favorite. This chapter deals with the problem of lasting happiness. The Buddha tells us how we can attain the so-called inner joy in this chapter. Since all people want to live in joy, it is very helpful in our daily life. 1. Interpretation of the chapter: We live in joy because we do not hate those who hate us; we live in freedom because we do not hate even among those who hate.. We live in joy because we do not fall sick even among those who are ill. We live in joy because we are not selfish even among those selfish persons We live in joy…show more content…
Their mind will never be pure and peace. So the next thing that comes to my mind is that how we can overcome this selfish desire. My answer is that we have to know what is really important to us, what is our goal of life. In other words we should know what deserve to be pursuit and we may find our answer through “meditation”. Actually these questions are really hard to answer and any misunderstanding may lead us back to selfish. For example some people want to pursuit success, but how can we measure success? Some may go back and say that a rich man or who has an admiring job can be called successful. It is totally wrong and shortsighted. If you hold such idea, you still cannot avoid those negative thoughts like greed and fear. So it is of vital importance to figure out what you really want and what can bring you last happiness. Different people may get different answers and once you find it you have acquire the highest wisdom. You will know whether you are in the right track and you will pay all your effort to achieve it. You know your are approaching your goal day by day. Thus our mind will become pure and peace instead of being affected by others’ view. Last but not least, the Buddha also mentions the problem concerning what kind of person we should make friends with. According to the Buddha, we should make friends with the wise. In my understanding, a good friend is that who will help us to improve ourselves. They always support us when we need
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