Asian Business Environment

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EFA – Asian Business Environment – Dr. Yang Laike (

17/04/2012: Session 1

Course description

Why Asia? * The most dynamic and fastest growing region in the world * Most distinctive cultures and business …

Course Objectives?

Learning modules

China- India – Japan - Korea (major economic countries)

M1 Asian Business Culture
M2 Economic structure & development in Asia
M3 political system and its impact on business
M4 The business law and taxation system
M5 Financial market and banking system
M6 Corporate governance and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)


10-30-60: Attending and continuous assessment – group paper – final exam = 100

Final Exam: It will cover
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Discussion: China’s role and impact in Asia


Séance 2: 20/04/2012

Chinese Economy: Recent trends, New Challenges and New Directions

* Before start few picture: China second position close to USA * DRAGON: China big economy will eat others * When China is growing, China is becoming a super power

Titles… The Chinese are coming/How would we fight with China?/The coming collapse of China.

* Part 1: Chinese Economic Performance: Some facts

Economic Performance 1980-2011: * Export growing very fast * FDI: cn has been very big direction for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) * External debt: Cn managed a very low ED rate (from abroad)

Public debt is very is high in some countries but not in China (borrow money from their own bank).

In 1980s: debt crisis in the world from South-America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina…)

Poverty line: (absolute pl = 1$/day, 2years ago 1.25$/day inflation // relative poverty line 2$/day)

Prediction for 2040, China will be the biggest economy but financial crisis has changed the projection.

But in China : mixed view

1992: first subway line.
2020: 900km of subway lines

2010: A world expo. Plan of Shanghai.

A lots of western habits are coming in China

East meets West

* Part 2: The Recent Trends of Chinese Economy

Consumer Price Index (CPI): = monthly inflation rate…. food and drinks increased highly
Sanya (nice Beaches in CHINA)

(… : not important)

* Part 3:
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