Asian Culture and Healthcare

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I have found the Asian culture on heal care to be very interesting. It is not just about too many white body blood cells in your blood stream. It is more about balance. They believe the mind and body working together, in harmony and a balanced state. They use a practice called Ying and yang which is hot and cold. The use of natural plants for treatment of illness is common practice in Asian culture. Good nutrition plays a big part is their health. A diet mostly fish and vegetables is the healthy choice in their culture. Some of the practices for therapy include acupuncture, and coin rolling. The belief that anything is excess is bad and is one of the ways the Asian culture remain balanced and healthy. Acupuncture focuses on points on the body to activate natural healing and to balance the body. The practice of acupuncture covers 306 fixed points of the body. The practitioner uses nine needles placed in specific point on the body to release yin (cold) or yang (heat) and create a balance between the two. The treatment can range from cancer, arthritis, or the common cold but, is mainly used for treatment of pain relief. There is also qi and chi which is the flow of energy throughout the body which is something like yin and yang it is all about a balance in the body for healing and good health. Too much on one will create an unbalance in the energy flow in the body and will require treatment of the use of yin and yang principles.

Another practice in medicine in
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