Asian Cultures And American Cultures

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Culture: Earth is bigger than what most people think; it consists of 7 continents, 7 seas, and 196 different countries. Taking that into consideration, our earth currently is supporting over 7 billion people worldwide. That is 7 billion people who are different and individuals who share different thoughts, ideas, backgrounds, and cultures. Cultures are very unique as they are different from country to country. Some adopt cultures that society accept as the norm, while others adopt different types of cultures; cultures that not many people, especially those outside from the country, can see eye to eye and would sometimes find them rather ‘extreme’. When comparing Asian cultures and American cultures side by side, we can easily identify the many differences between the two. For one, Asian cultures are less open, more traditional and conservative in comparison to Americans. While Americans promote liberty, independence, and values individualism; Asian countries, on the other hand, are more fixated in keeping to the custom. Knowing this, it is not surprising to see Asian countries have a more rigid and structured form of society compared to the Western counterparts. The values, business structures and even priorities are different between the two and can easily be distinguished. Singapore is a good example on the contrasting differences and representation of the Asian cultures.

Singapore: Singapore is a self-governing city-state located in Southeast Asia. It is one of the…
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