Asian Descent Is Inconvenient At Times

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Growing up wasn’t the problem, it was the little things about me that made growing up in my family more difficult than most. By me saying difficult, I mainly mean immensely stressful. I have had expectations to be met since the time I popped out of the womb. The responsibilities I was held to by my parents never dissipated. I’ve never really had any bullying problems or anything, but the pressure from the expectations could very easily compare to being bullied I imagine at least to a certain extent. Justice to me is to being able to freely decide how you want to pursue what you want to do in life as long as it doesn’t harm the others around you or yourself. I didn’t exactly have a rough childhood, but A’s were always expected from me on my grade reports. I am very proud of my heritage, although I will say that being of Asian descent is inconvenient at times. Yes, it is mostly true that growing up part Asian you have guidelines that you are expected follow by. Education is the major key to everything, my mother has always said. My mother had a rough time growing up being the least favored child between her sister and herself. With the pressure of need for my grandmother’s approval, my mother has always been on my back to show that her child was the more educated one out of the granddaughters. My mother has always strived to make us the “better” side of the family. The whole time I was growing up in my household it was always hammered in my head I must be the first out of my

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