Asian Immigration to the United States Essay

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In the 1900s a significant amount of Asian immigration settled in the United States. Many Asians escaped communist grasp and were lured by the California gold rush. About 30,000 Chinese had already migrated by the 1920s. Risking their lives by escaping the country they once knew. They head out to America a ticket to freedom. Or so they thought. Violence and discrimination were upheld against them as they remained in the country. As the rise of communism becomes a reality of many Asians, families began to immigrate to America seeking freedom and a better life. Laos also known as Pathet Lao is located in Southeast Asia. The bordering countries are Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Laotians are descendants of Thai tribes that…show more content…
In the 1990’s Pathet Lao deserted communism and changed to capitalism. Political control was still harshly suppressed by the government. Pathet Lao improved their relation with China, Thailand, and the United States. In 1965-1968 China had a immense impact on China due to the Cultural Movement. Mao Zedong was a communist leader in China and led this Revolution. The Cultural Revolution’s purpose was to reassure Mao Zedong trust or belief in China. Mao feared other members of the party would try to weaken him and take over his power. Lin Piao was a Military communist leader, he led china to victory in the Chinese civil war. Lin gave a speech in September 1965, Lin’s speech urged schools and colleges to return back to their revolutionary state. Mandarin people came in the country not knowing what a regular lifestyle looks like. Chinese who were academically educational were known as elites. Many Chinese youths criticized the Chinese communist party, and apparently were influenced by the USSR Nikita Khrushchev. Then emerged the Red Guards, Red Guards consisted of a group of youths who criticized those who opposed Mao and his way. Anyone who criticized Mao whether it’s from writers or politics were considered Mao’s enemy. Mao set out and created a cult for those who deliberately was against Chinese Communist. Mao’s purpose was to unite everyone together regardless of hierarchy.
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