Asian Immigration to the United States Essay

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In the 1900s a significant amount of Asian immigration settled in the United
States. Many Asians escaped communist grasp and were lured by the California gold
rush. About 30,000 Chinese had already migrated by the 1920s. Risking their lives by
escaping the country they once knew. They head out to America a ticket to freedom. Or
so they thought. Violence and discrimination were upheld against them as they remained
in the country. As the rise of communism becomes a reality of many Asians, families
began to immigrate to America seeking freedom and a better life.
Laos also known as Pathet Lao is located in Southeast Asia. The bordering
countries are Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Laotians are descendants of Thai tribes

that Yunnan, China discouraged and segregated the Laotians to the South. The country

was originally called Lan Xang which was founded by Fa Ngoun (1353- 1373), who was

a part of the Khmer (Cambodian) Civilization in Laos. Lan Xang wagered war towards

their surrounding countries Khmer, Burmese, Vietnamese, and Thailand, a sections of

Yunnan, China, of Southern Myanmar, of the Vietnamese and Cambodian plateaus, and

large portion of Northern Thailand. Though in 1707, a conflict occurred within Lan

Xang, which caused Pathet Laos to split in two. Northern Laos, Luang Phabang and

Southern Laos, Vientiane. Conflict erupted between the two, causing constant

quarrelling. By 1955 Pathet Lao gained full sovereignty. Pathet Lao was a soon new…