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Portrait of an Asian Minority Language Bunak, as an Asian minority language, is not the majority language of any country where it is spoken. The language has alternate names: Buna, Bunake, Bunaq, Gae’, Marae. In the following paragraphs, I will report on its history and current status. Linguists always want to know where is a language spoken. Bunak is spoken in East Timor. The specific locations include Timor island central interior, south coast, Cova Lima District, north of Suai town; Bobonaro District, Maliana south; also into Ainaro District, Zumalai subdistrict. Bunak is also spoken in West Timor, Indonesia. The specific locations include Timor island, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, Belu regency, central interior,…show more content…
The independent pronouns and object prefixes, which appear to retain the proto-Trans–New Guinea dual suffix *-li, are as follows. (Bunak language, Wikipedia) (Source: Bunak language, Wikipedia) None of Bunak’s dialects is known. Bunak is not closely related to other languages. (Bunak, Ethonologue) Bunak language belongs to West Trans-New Guinea language family. There is some disagreement about this classification. Pronouns seem to tie Bunak more closely to the Alor–Pantar languages, in a group Ross (2005) calls "West Timor", than with the Papuan East Timor languages. (Bunak language, Wikipedia) Bunak language, is one of the few on Timor which is not an Austronesian language, but rather a Papuan language like groups on New Guinea. It is usually put in the proposed language group Trans–New Guinea. Classification: Trans-New Guinea, West, Timor-Alor-Pantar, Timor Trans-New Guinea (482) West (46) Timor-Alor-Pantar (24) Timor (5) Adabe [adb] (A language of Timor-Leste) Bunak [bfn] (A language of Timor-Leste) Fataluku [ddg] (A language of Timor-Leste) Makalero [mjb] (A language of Timor-Leste) Makasae [mkz] (A language of Timor-Leste) (Source: Bunak, Ethonologue) Based on the classification information above, we can see that all the other members of the family spoken are distributed in East Timor. Since 61000 of total 84000 Bunak speakers are in East Timor, this classification corresponds to its geographic
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