Asian Rim Region Report : Geography And Demography

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Pacific Rim Region Report Geography and Demography Pacific Rim is a geographical vocabulary, refers to the lands around the rim of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Basin includes the Pacific Rim and the islands in the Pacific Ocean.(Wojtan, Linda S.) The Pacific Rim roughly overlaps with the geologic Pacific Ring of Fire. This region report is focusing on the East Asia, and Southeast Asia, or Asian Pacific. East Asia can be defined either in geographical and cultural. Geographically, it covers about 12,000,000 km2, or about 28% of the Asian continent, about 15% bigger than the area of Europe. East Asia is one of the world 's most populated places, with more than 1.5 billion people, about 38% of the population of Asia and 22% or over one…show more content…
There are a lot of common behaviors among these regions. Almost all these Asian Pacific countries are agriculture countries and eat rice as staple food. Asian Pacific countries have high power distance, high hierarchy, and high-context culture. Communitarianism and masculinity are very common in this big area. Economy Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a forum for 21 Pacific Rim economies. APEC members are described as ‘economies’ because the APEC cooperative process is predominantly concerned with trade and economic issues, with members engaging with one another as economic entities. APEC promotes free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region. It was established in 1989 in response to the growing interdependence of Asia-Pacific economies and the advent of regional trade blocs in other parts of the world; to fears that highly industrialised Japan (a member of G8) would come to dominate economic activity in the Asia-Pacific region; and to establish new markets for agricultural products and raw materials beyond Europe.(Andrew Elek) Another term we must be talked about when we mention Asian Pacific economy is the “Four Asian Dragons”. Their economic success stories have served as role models for many developing countries like China and India. The “Four Asian Dragons” are Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, a term used to referring to the highly developed and highly free-market economies. These nations
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