Asian Students and Colleges Essay

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Many people assume that Asians have it the easiest of all the races when it comes to applying to top tier schools. Not only are they “naturally intelligent”, they are also a minority meaning they can reap the benefits of affirmative action; therefore, they must be able to easily stand out against White applicants with a comparably high academic record. Surprisingly, studies show that the opposite may be true. Asians admission rates in top tier schools like Harvard suggest that White applicants may be chosen over an Asian applicant with the same qualifications due to higher expectations for Asian students. These unofficial discriminatory policies have the exact opposite effect of affirmative action: giving advantaged Whites preference over …show more content…
Yet despite numerous roadblocks, the emphasis on hard work and education in most Asian cultures has allowed them to excel above and beyond expectations.
On average, Asians score higher than any other race on the SAT (Washington, 2011). In highly selective High Schools that require application based on merit there is often an Asian population that is disproportionate to the Asian population in the surrounding county. In Thomas Jefferson High School in Fairfax County, one of the top high schools in the nation for math and science, subjects Asians generally excel in, Asians have surpassed Whites in enrollment. The student body of Thomas Jefferson is fifty-four percent Asian, an astounding figure when compared to the mere nineteen percent Asian population in Fairfax County (Shapiro, 2013). n.d.). Unfortunately, this success also led to the stereotype that Asians are naturally intelligent as well as create a higher standard for Asians, undermining the hard work and dedication many put into academics. There is evidence to suggest that Asians are often held to a higher standard when applying to colleges, especially highly selective colleges like the Ivy League. In a study by sociologists Thomas Espenshade and Alexandria Radford of students who applied to selective universities, results showed that white candidates were “three times more likely to be accepted than Asians with the same academic record” (as cited by Chen, 2012). The discrimination is
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