Asian Wedding Cake Essay

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Asian wedding cake:

Weddings are an integral part of all cultures. The customs and traditions of the different culture vary from each other. Similarly Western weddings are quite different from the Asian weddings. A wedding cake is a very significant tradition of the Western weddings. Although not so significant, but the tradition of wedding cakes at Asian wedding is increasingly becoming popular. As such the Asian wedding cakes are baked in exquisite designs and delicious taste.
Meaning: The phrase ‘Asian wedding cakes’ is a comprehensive term meaning cakes of different countries or cultures in Asia, like Japanese wedding cakes, Chinese wedding cakes, Indian wedding cakes, Korean wedding cakes and so on. The diversities of the wedding
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Cheese, spices, walnuts, chocolate chips and chocolate mousse are often used for filling. Fondant is almost necessary for all designer cakes because this can be molded in numerous shapes. Fountain Royal Icing, Vegan Icing and marzipan beautify the cakes and add to the scrumptious taste.
Style and decoration: The Asian wedding cakes are baked in various designs and decorated with beautiful accessories to lend an artistic touch to the cakes.
• There are cake toppers and cake favors used for this purpose. A Japanese cake topper like ‘large bride and groom Ceramic doll’ or ‘Sock monkey cake topper’, an Indian cake topper like ‘a typical Indian bride and groom figurine’ or a crystal coconut tree, a Chinese cake topper like a ‘typical Chinese bride and groom in red dress holding each other’, a Korean cake topper like a ‘crystal wedding duck’ look really gorgeous on a wedding cake. There are also cake toppers like ‘Traditional Asian Double Happiness topper’ which can be used for any Asian wedding.
• Cake favors which reflect Asian art and culture are also important for Asian weddings. Some examples can be cited here: White happiness napkins, a bright red or pink candle with a double happiness symbol, mizuhiki craft cords, Bamboo place card holder, a Laughing Buddha, foil kanji stickers, foldable fans, wooden sake cups and handmade cherry blossoms are typical cake favors. Besides these, one can also gift small wrapped candies, bracelets, key
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