Asians And Asian American Culture

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This class helped me realize how ignorant I really was about the Asian American culture as well as the Native American culture. I generally believed that I was more culturally sound than I actually am. I believed that I knew more about these cultures than I really did and was shocked to realize that I fed into some of the stereotypes. I knew that Asian Americans did well academically because their parents valued education and had them study more than their peers, however I did not realize that culturally boys were expected to succeed more academically than girls were. I believed that girls were equally held up to a standard as boys were. Watching the film clips related to Asians and Asian Americans was an eye opening experience.
Just as African Americans are told that their natural hair is not good enough and it is internalized, it appears it is the same for many Asian Americans in relation to their eyes. The film clip about the young girl being taken to have plastic surgery on her eyes at the age of 12 because she felt that she would be more beautiful was a heart-breaking scene to watch. It never occurred to me that a feature that is specific to that particular group would become something that has almost become shameful to a lot of people. To have an eye surgery is a serious decision one has to make and for that little girl to be so sure that she wants her eyes operated on at 12 years old was something that I could relate to, but not understand.
I also did not realize…
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