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Communication is a critical skill for every profession--including nursing. For this week, write a post describing the kind of written and oral communication that you do at work. How much of your typical work day is occupied with speaking and writing? What kinds of documents do you compose? Recall a time when you experienced a problem at work as a result of poor communication. What were the causes of and possible remedies for the problem? How do you think studying technical writing would help you in your current and future work? To show that you’ve done the required reading, the postings require that you summarize, quote, or paraphrase at least a few key ideas from the reading in your response. Make sure you cite your sources using…show more content…
Primary responses should respond thoughtfully to the discussion prompts and contain at least 200 words. Secondary responses should respond to what other members of the class are saying. Rather than reiterating other posts, your secondary responses should engage with what your classmates wrote, extend and build upon the discussion. Secondary responses like “You’re right,” “I agree,” or "I disagree" will not receive full credit. Your primary response = 50 points; Each secondary response = 25 points I’m a register nurse in the emergency room department. My job consist a various forms of communication used throughout our multi-interdisciplinary team verbally, writing and by touch. Being treated in an emergency room is not a pleasant time for nobody but having the adequate knowledge to communicate makes a difference. Patients and families are anxious and desperate during this time. As a Register Nurse we may decrease or relieve this symptoms by providing re-assurance and keeping them well inform. As the patients leave our facility they have to be well inform of what to do and expect at home. Written instruction materials are provided but throughout the stay we document Definitely communication is one of the most important aspect of my job. One miscommunication or bad interpretation may cause serious injury or death to a patient. Throughout my nursing career I have seen many incidents that may be avoided if they have used proper
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