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Thesis: By giving us the reader a more in depth explanation of his work it allows us to understand the meaning within the poem itself, and the life lessons Stafford may have intended to reveal to the readers. I. Introduction II. Understanding A. William Stafford B. Untraditional 1. His work 2. Hidden lessons III. Break down A. Title B. Lines 1-3 1. Stafford’s meaning 2. Questions IV. Living A. Problems B. Lines 4-7 1. Answering to life 2. Metaphors V. Paraphrasing A. Lines 11-13 1. Inner thought 2. Knowing B. Final Words VI. Conclusion An Explication of William Stafford’s “Ask Me” The poem “Ask Me” is not as it may seem the first time…show more content…
Stafford takes the time to let the reader think and analyze the questions asked in the first seven lines. In lines 9 and 10 he says that “You and I can turn and look at the silent river and wait” (Stafford). But if you remember in the first line the river is ice so it’s not only silent but calm, it’s not moving at all. “The speaker in the poem chooses not to discuss “whether/ what I have done is my life” until the river is ice” (Anderson).I think that he uses the time of winter to wait for the river to freeze so share his thoughts. For if the river is frozen it cannot pass on and judge his life. He follows in lines 11-13 that the river is silent but there are still currents and movement hidden under the ice. Stafford paraphrases these lines “That river, and that world-and our lives-all share the depth and stillness of much more significance then our talk, or intentions” (Stafford). I believe that he trying to tell (you) the reader that no matter what you do in life or who has something to say about it the actions in which we choose to make have more significance than we may see. In the last line Stafford says “What the river says, that is what I say” (Stafford). Stafford uses the “ice as a protective mask within the poem” (Anderson), not allowing any final judgment to be passed. Starting with the frozen river in the first line Stafford gives us the ultimate life lesson hidden within life’s “mistakes” that the

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