Ask Me by William Stafford

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William Stafford’s poem “Ask Me” is a short poem which consists of two stanzas which narrates his life through contemplation of his past. It is a reflection of his life where he embraces the experiences he went through. Stafford’s intent is to have the reader question and recollect on their own life pushing them to realize that it is a person’s personality that is substantive. He points out that a person is defined by their relationship with themselves and how this shapes the world around them. The tone of this poem has an important impact by setting the momentum within the first two lines. Through the use of inquisitive language it entices readers to analyze how a person’s worth is not defined by physical and tangible accomplishments however, by their personal values and morals. Interestingly enough, the poem begins in the future tense where the speaker is asking the listener to question what the narrator has done with his life. This whole conversation is hypothetical since it is written as if Stafford is contemplating to hold this conversation with someone. He writes, “…ask me mistakes I have made”, as if there is a deep feeling of regret and sorrow in his life. This line can become very controversial since the speaker is asking if their accomplishments and moral beliefs were even relevant. This creates a tone that the speaker has not lived their life to the fullest stating, “Ask me where what I have done is my life” and that they are questioning if they did what they
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