Ask The Dust By Arturo Bandini Analysis

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Arturo Bandini is very fascinated with the city of Los Angeles and is hoping for achievement and fame, not willing to give up on his dreams, but will still not find fulfilled happiness in the city.
The main character, Arthuro Bandini who is writer, suggests that the immigrants must be refashion in order to be part of the Californians by wearing bright polo shirts, sun glasses and white shoes. He also describes how the cops will not arrest those who wear fancy polo shirt and a pair of sunglasses but will arrest those who have a dust on the shoes and wear thick sweater that is suppose to wear on the winter. It is how the way society looks down on different race, by judging them on the way they look, speak and background. “Those huaraches- do
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As an American, He teasing Camilla and her Mexican people because of their appearance, nationality and most importantly they are not American. That bring back before civil right movement in 1960s, African Americans were forced to seat in the back of the bus because of their race and skin color, and were not allow to go to the same school with white people. That how racist America really was. But in reality, those people just want to be at peace and to make money to support their families without being judge.
Ask the Dust, Los Angeles has a false stereotype of fame and fortune. People believed that by moving to Los Angles will bring them bright future. Many immigrants sold their homes and stores for cash so they can move to the land of sunshine. The main character Badini also shared the same belief. He imagines that life in Los Angeles might help him resolve the personal problems that began for
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Everyone needs confidence and hope to fulfill his or her dream. In the novel, Arturo Bandini face struggles with pursuing his dream; people are not fascinated in reading his stories The Little Dog Laughed. “ Five or six copies, and I places them conspicuously everywhere, on the library table […] nobody read them, not soul”. (52) Because of nobody interested in buying his book, it leads him to go through financial issue; all he had for his meals are oranges and stolen milk from the milkman because he cannot afford buying food. Those struggles and despair are not going to stop his passion into a profession. He never gives up; he keep on writing and writing until he gets what he wants. “I was twenty then. What the hell, I used to say, take your time, Bandini. You got ten years to write a book, so take it easy, get out and learn about life, walk the streets. That’s your trouble: your ignorance of life”(18). At the end, he finally archived his dream to become a well-known writer. In order to become something great you have to go through many obstacles to be successful. Hope is the reverse engine that keeps individuals moving during the time when something is wanted yet its accessibility and result is unverifiable and helps us to live positive lives. We may not see it, but rather hope is imperative and genuinely
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