Ask Your Mama Analysis

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The Langston Hughes Project Ask Your Mama:12 Moods for Jazz filled Sursa Hall on Wednesday, February 17, 2016. Around 7:30 p.m. the show started with three spoken word poets. These poets set the tone for the night, which was story telling through poetry and song. Throughout the whole twelve moods of jazz, a story was told. Throughout the concert, the crowd got to experience a variety of feelings. A fast tempo usually resulted in a fun upbeat feel, while a slow tempo usually left the audience with a more relaxed or even sad feel. The Ron McCurdy Quartet and the Ball State Symphony Orchestra left the audience in awe at the end of the night. Around 8:00 p.m. the crowd set in anticipation waiting for the jazz portion of the night to begin. Then…show more content…
We all enjoyed snapping along with McCurdy and the beat. The flute and violin created a beautiful harmony. Mood 10: Bird in Orbit had a violent and explosive beat. The bass and drums were more pronounced in this set. The tempo was up and this mood was very loud.
Mood 11: Jazztet Muted had a fast tempo that created a dynamic feel. The flute would call and the drums would respond. The use of call and respond made the piece feel very well put together. This mood mainly focused on a smooth piano solo and a flute solo. Mood 12: Show Fare, Please was the last mood for the night. The rhythm section maintained a steady tempo. The audience, including myself, enjoyed clapping along with the beat. Ron McCurdy plays the trumpet wonderfully along with the orchestra in this energetic and happy tune. Yet another compelling trumpet solo to finish off the concert wonderfully.
Ultimately, the performance of The Langston Hughes Project Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz successfully told the story of struggling blacks in the 1960s. The Ron McCurdy Quartet, the Spoken Word Poets, and the Ball State Symphony Orchestra made the show very enjoyable for the crowd. The audience was told a story, but the jazz music made them feel it. I thoroughly enjoyed this concert, and I left with more of an appreciation for
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