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Appel 1 Andrew Appel Professor Margrave English 1A October 21, 2014 The American Dream In John Fante’s novel Ask the Dust, class plays a major role in trying to live out the American Dream. Since the main characters in this story are not wealthy, they are looked down upon as lower citizens. They are struggling to make ends meet working minimum wage jobs or not even working at all. For Arturo Bandini, he is having that exact problem. He has to go through earning a living, becoming a writer, and a confusing love life. Many people come to America or Los Angeles for that matter in search of wealth and popularity. They think they will see celebrities and meet famous people and then they will become famous as well. But after a while, they…show more content…
But the he ends up wanting to get closer with her. He hopes they can end up being together and then it will inspire new ideas for his writing. A reason Arturo falls for Camilla is because he feels she is on the same level as him and they are both struggling to get by. He knows they both don’t belong in California since they are not in “polo shirts and sunglasses.” He knows people judge and look down at them and they get picked on and talked about. Finally Bandini gets a break when he receives news that they want to publish one of his pieces in a magazine. He earns 175 dollars for getting his letter published and he now thinks he is rich. He blows his money on buying alcohol and cigars when he goes out with Camilla. However, she did not like that and said she wanted him to be like how he was when they first met in the coffee shop. When Arturo realizes he is almost out of money, he wants to meet with Camilla again to refresh his memory with new thoughts for his writing. When he sits and waits for her, she tells him she does not want anything to do with him. He goes back to his room confused and sad. But moments later he gets a new visitor from another woman named Vera. She comes from money and she invites him out and Arturo cannot say no. He visits her at her home and she really wants to be with him. She says she will be his new Camilla so he goes through with it in hopes of
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