Asked to Serve My Country

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One afternoon in late November, after Thanksgiving Day. It was an ordinary day I had my ordinary breakfast; a hard boil egg and an english muffin. As I read my newspaper “The Minnesota Times” about the murder nearby. As I was getting into the reading about this murder. I thought to myself what it felt like to get shot. I said to myself “you wouldn’t be screaming or crying you would just have the pain and take it like a normal solider.” I felt it in detail, I felt the dark thick red blood dripping down my legs and all over my body, I felt pain. I was a curious young man, I thought about the soldiers, who probably get shot every other week. I always knew they were courageous men. I thought about my great grandfather, and how brave he was to go out to war, and fight for our country but I never wanted to go out to war that’s when I first started to think about how the war life might be like hard, easy, intense, scary, I don’t know. I was about ten years of age I never had the thought about war, until now. I knew the war was a horrible scene. Eight years later that all changed, It was a regular day in little town Austin, Minnesota, I was finishing up lunch. Then grabbed the keys for my mail box. When I walk outside towards the mail I felt butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t understand why I kept think maybe it was something I ate. Then it got worst I felt something was going to go wrong. Every step I took down each cemented stair I felt my hands becoming num, my arms becoming
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