Asking The Right Questions : A Critical Thinker

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Critical thinking is the analyzing and evaluating of information in order to form a judgment or decision. This paper will use the techniques outlined in “Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking” by Browne and Keeley (2015) to analyze a business memo written October 10, 2014 by Anil Ravaswami, Vice President of Human Resources, of Cliffside Holding Company of Massapequa (CHCM). These techniques outlined will help develop critical thinking by showing how to ask questions in order to analyze and process the information in the memo. By utilizing these techniques, managers will be able to assess relevant information in order to solve complex issues and be able to communicate effectively.

The Manager as a Critical Thinker
Anil Ravaswami, Vice-President of Human Resources, is asked by Cynthia Castle, CEO, to evaluate the merit of a junior insurance executive leadership development program that was proposed by the Director of Operations, Ms. Forsythe. The proposal is to send 20 junior executives to a three-week program offered by the Aspen Leadership Institute at a cost of $100,000 per year for the program and another $100,000 for time lost on the job. In response to Ms. Castle’s request, Mr. Ravaswami prepares a business memo outlining his views and recommendation as to whether Cliffside Holding Company of Massapequa (CHCM) should institute a leadership development program.
What are the Issues and Conclusions? According to Browne and Keeley, in…
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