Asking the Right Questions Critically Essay

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Asking the Right Questions Critically

In the book, “Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking (Ninth Edition), by M. Neil Brown and Stuart M. Keeley”, the authors examine the benefits of critical thinking as it relates to the process of asking the right kinds of questions. What are the right kinds of questions? These authors maintain that critical thinking is a method used to improve the way we think by asking the questions that would enable you to reach a personal decision that would eventually give credit to both sides of the discussion. Critical thinking is in essence the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of one’s experience, as it relates to the worth of the discussion at hand. The authors define
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What Words or Phrases are Ambiguous?
When examining someone’s argument you must be critical in understanding the pro’s and con’s of their argument. In regards to ambiguous words or phrases, the word that stands out as being ambiguous is the term “leadership,” of which in all honesty cannot be defined with one definitive definition. In her memo, Ms. Khali, defines leadership traits as having ambition, self-confidence and intelligence, as well the ability to influence, motivate and enable others. All of these traits she defends as being traits that are innate. Well there are many who would defend the idea that leadership qualities can in fact be learned. According to Candis Best (2010), leadership is not only
a theory to be understood, but an appreciation of the personality traits and behavioral characteristics of the leader. These traits and characteristics can be learned and developed through the process of coaching and mentoring (p. 22).
What are the Value and Descriptive Assumptions?
Much of Ms. Khali’s values center around the idea that a successful leader is one who demands control, has a tall physique and has the intrinsic quality of leadership. While this does accentuate the idea that to be a leader, you must be tall and have the innate ability to lead, it does not support the
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