Asl 1 Reflection

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I really enjoyed going to this event. I have gone to this event in past semesters and enjoy the variety of different levels of signers. There was a guest that came in and he was very funny and entertaining. It was little bit overwhelming because there was so many people, usually there’s only a handful of people. I was able to sign for the last fifteen minutes, but the majority of the time was listening to the stories the guest presented. If I went to this event when I was in ASL 1, I would have been overwhelmed. There were many signs that he used that I learned towards the end of ASL 2 and currently now in ASL 3. If I went to this event in ASL 1, I wouldn’t know what he was saying, but rather I would be watching his expressions for keys in following the stories he was signing. If I had gone to his event in ASL 2, I would feel…show more content…
We are both in ASL 3; I usually like to sign to people who are in the same class, because we usually know the same signs. I enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her. Although we only had fifteen minutes to sign I learned that her roommate from last year was someone that I knew, which was a small world. Having a conversation with someone in ASL 3 was very different than in ASL 1. In ASL 1, I felt limited. I only really knew how to sign my name and a few other signs, but I felt that a conversation in ASL 1 could only be about five minutes long. In ASL 2, I learned a lot more conversation signs; I was able to hold a conversation for the full hour. Now in ASL 3, I feel like I can hold a conversation for a very long time. The difference between ASL 1 and ASL 3 is astonishing. I enjoyed going to this Deaf event, even though there were a lot of people, I enjoyed the guest speaker although I did not catch his name he was very entertaining and funny. I enjoyed how the guest interacted with the students; I think that this was a very fun Deaf event. I plan on attending again
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