Asl And The American Sign Language

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American Sign Language is the interesting, logical, and fun to learn. ASL is the fourth most-used languages in the United States. ASL is used for hearing people to get the messages across to Deaf people and Deaf community. Deaf people use American Sign Language to communicate with their friends, family or their loved one who is deaf. Now parents are teaching their babies to learn ASL. The American Sign Language gives children, their confidence, and self-esteem in their lives. Deaf Community vs. Hard of hearing is a different point of view, and their impact was to have opportunities to have new friendships, connection to other people in the hard-of-hearing community and to be able to talk with hard of hearing people easier. The hard of hearing or non-signer could be friends with deaf people by using American Sign Language. The deaf people, hard of hearing and hearing people interact with each other in American Sign Language. The most of the deaf people are usually comfortable communicating with hearing people and people are happy that the hearing people are attempted using American Sign Language to communicate and instead ignoring them. American Sign Language has overcome the communication barrier for hard of hearing, hearing people, infants, toddlers and elderly grandparents who could not hear. American Sign Language is a visual language, for example, the facial expression, body movements and hand gesture. The deaf people priority was in person interacting and eye contacts
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