Asm 34 Administer Medication to Individuals, and Monitor the Effects

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ASM 34 Administer medication to individuals, and monitor the effects

There are several legislations relevant to the administration of medication in the care home. Although not expected that care staffs have detailed knowledge of the legislations, they do need to be aware of the legal difference between drugs and the legal framework that allows them to handle medicines on behalf of the service user. The Medicines Act 1968 being the umbrella and from this several amendments and legislations have been implemented. The following is a list of legislation that has a direct impact upon the handling of medication within a social care setting.

• The Medicines Act 1968
• The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
• The Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody)
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A few months ago, client FH refused his medication. His mood had deteriorated over the past few days and there were signs of him beginning to self-harm. A few grazes on his arm and he had shaved the sides of his hair off. From his Behaviour Support Plan these were a few of the key signs of him having a relapse. One day FH appeared to have lost all mental capacity, his language was obscene, verbally aggressive to everyone and about everyone and he totally refused all medication. I telephoned his previous placement, a hospital, and spoke with a Mental Health Nurse who knew him very well. The Nurse agreed with me that FH was in a downward spiral of no return and it was imperative that he take his medication or he will need hospitalisation again. The plan was that if FH did not take medication by the following morning that the assessment team from the hospital would visit and try to speak with him.
I shared this information with the night staff, left contact numbers and names and the Nurse was called the following morning.
From that day, FH has not refused his medication. I feel that he would often like to but instead mutters to himself that he does not want to go back to that hospital. I console him but smiling and telling him that he is doing very well and the tablets keep him well and out of the hospital.
During the time of FH’s refusal, this was accurately recorded on the

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