Asm12 Carry Out Comprehensive Substance Misuse Assessmen

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ASM 12 Recognise indications of substance misuse and refer individuals to specialists There are a wide range of substances that can be misused. These come under the categories of the following: Illegal Drugs – Heroin, Crack/Cocaine, Cannabis, Amphetamines, Prescription Drugs – This list can be quite exhaustive, but mainly contains all the tablets prescribed by the GP with regards to depression, sleeping tablets e.g. Tamazepan, Diazepam, and Valium Legal Highs – Alcohol, various drugs such as Khat, Over the Counter drugs – Co-codamol etc Every individual is unique and even though many will show or feel similar sensations with regards to how a substance makes them feel, it is not always good to assume that the traits that…show more content…
Many of the prescribed medications for mental health illnesses and depression will make clients seem as they are falling asleep, not really focusing on what is going on and spaced out, but this is not the case and if you are aware of a clients conditions then you would know best how to assess the situation at the given time. I regularly attend training provided by CRI and local boroughs or other services within the locality so that I am fully up to date with the new trends and old trends of drugs that are available, where the bad batches are being distributed and the strength of what is about on the streets at the current time. This is down to you as an individual to also do your own research on the internet of what is going on in the drug scene and ask questions. If you hear of something that you are unaware of ask those questions, you never know when you will come across a client that may have a particular problem with that substance and you may be the person that needs to help them. I have found that clients can be quite knowledgeable so ask them questions too and go back and check on the information provided with others. I do not feel that one person will or can know everything, but this is when team members should draw upon one another to have a wide knowledge within a team so all areas are covered in most instances. Probation – This is
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