Asos Is A Global Online Fashion Destination

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Introduction ASOS is a global online fashion destination based in the U.K. The company has in recent years made a name for itself through its cutting-edge fast fashion, and this has been instrumental in making it a hub as far as the thriving fashion community is concerned. Through its variety of fashion-related content, the company sells over 75,000 own-brand and branded products through both web and localized experiences. The deliveries are done from the U.K to various destinations globally. ASOS has successfully tailored the mix of local, own-label and global brands which are traded through the company’s 9 local language websites (Beattie, 2013, 56). These are in the U.K, China, U.S, Russia, France, Australia, Germany, Italy and Spain.…show more content…
This situation has dramatically been transformed by ASOS through its innovative technological advancements (Kohtamäki, 2016, 45). The company provides potential clients with comparative and detailed information about the different models. Further, this facilitates a reverse market whereby buyers have the option of putting their purchase up for bid. This substantially accelerates and simplifies the buying process. It also greatly reduces the bargaining costs. A business model is instrumental in the operations of ASOS because it has the capacity to unlock hidden value through improving transactional efficiencies. This is because it enables reduced search costs, reduced inventory costs, as well as reduced distribution costs. Another way in which ASOS creates value is through complementarities. Organizations have always known the possibility of leveraging value creation when they bundle their products with other suppliers’ complementary products. Bundling complementary products over the internet has proven crucial for companies like ASOS. This is so because it has enabled the company to build online virtual communities through the numerous online platforms that the company has a presence in. for instance, ASOS enables its users to exchange ideas on the latest trends, and hen their desired products have reached the market. Given that the company largely targets youthful fashion lovers, it
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