Asparagus Berries Research Paper

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Asparagus berries Title: What to Do with Asparagus Berries Meta description: Don’t eat asparagus berries - they’re poisonous! But there are a few other things you can do with them. Find out what you can do with asparagus berries here. Both male and female asparagus plants produce tiny, attractive flowers, however, it is primarily the female plant which makes the small, red, berry-like seed pods. These seed pods are poisonous to humans and pets, but they look nice along with the fern-like foliage when growing in the garden or added to floral arrangements. --Asparagus Seed Pods Look Like Berries The bright red berries growing on female, and occasionally male, asparagus plants are actually tiny seed pods. Seed pods develop from [link u=asparagus-flower]flowers[/link], appearing first as tiny, green clusters, and then develop into attractive, cherry-red pods.…show more content…
Seeds inside these male-produced pods are 75 percent more likely to produce male offspring, including super-male plants which result in all-male hybrids, the most productive garden vegetable cultivars. --Toxicity of Asparagus Berries The seed-pods of asparagus plants are toxic for humans and also for dogs and cats, producing an allergic reaction in some individuals. Eating the berries can cause vomiting and abdominal pain. Raw asparagus shoots are also mildly toxic, although the toxicity is quickly eliminated by cooking. Allergic response often includes a skin rash, and some people develop contact dermatitis from touching the
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