Aspect Of Questers

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There are 5 aspects a quest consists of, a quester, a place to go to, a stated reason to go, the challenges and trials en route, and the real reason to go. Without any of these 5 aspects, it won’t be a whole quest and the quester won’t gain any self knowledge on himself/herself for what the quest is really about. Even without the quest itself, none of this would happen. So, the question is, what is so important about these 5 aspects. So first before anything, the 2 most important things you need is the quest and the quester. To go into more detail, a quest would need a knight, a dragon, an evil knight/villain, the dangerous road, the holy grail/magical power, and the damsel in distress/princess. The quester would obviously…show more content…
The quester was the knight, the dragon and the evil knight/villain at their evil castle, the princess/damsel in distress, the dangerous road, the holy grail/magical power, and the quest itself. These are the aspects that are required to actually be a quest. The real reason for the knight to go on this quest was to reflect on himself and gain self knowledge. The real reason is never the stated reason a quester goes on a quest for. You can also see that theses 5 aspects are really important for a quest to be a quest. You might be wondering, What is a quest really? I’ll explain, a quest is simply a mission or an objective meant for a hero or a regular person to complete. It’s as simple as that. Overall, having these aspects is what’s important about actually having a quest. A little example of what quest is, if you didn’t get it, is like trying to get a job. You're the quester, the road to getting a job is difficult, depending on what kind of job you're aiming to get, you don’t have a dragon or an evil knight/villain, but there is the boss, the holy grail are your degrees, the damsel in distress/princess is money, the stated reason is to get money for you, but the real reason is to save up for your retirement, and/or your family. One more example is we as kids had only a stated reason to decide on what we want to become when we grow up, but go through life, get some experience,
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