Aspects For Team Effectiveness

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Team Effectiveness The term organizational culture is related to the study and understanding of the dynamics involved at a personal as well as a group level in work settings. The term also deals with the nature of the work as well (Kudisch et al. 1995). There are several factors that come into play when people interact in works. Understanding organizational culture is becoming increasingly important since the work is becoming a global village and people with diverse background and culture have to interact and work effectively in any work. Since a person has to deal with different people in any work, it is imperative that they have a vast knowledge on personality in order to read the behavior of another person. Personality refers to certain qualities, skills and competencies of an individual that gather up to project the kind of person he or she is. Having a good understanding of personality can lead to the understanding of an individual's reaction in a defined situation (Kumble & Kelly, 2006). There is almost every time a certain uniform aspect that comes out of an individual's which can be utilized to draw certain inferences. For instance, it can be inferred if the person is dominant or submissive, aggressive or polite etc. There are several methods to assess personalities. Three of the most widely used methods are the Personality Inventories, Project Test and Assessment Centers. Motivation is a crucial aspect of organizational culture since that is the only drive
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