Aspects Of An 18 Year Old 's Development

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Harrison Scott Mrs. Kirkner AP Psychology 17 October, 2014 Aspects of an 18-year-old’s Development The development of a person is composed of all the biological and environmental processes that make that person who he is. From personality to cognitive maturity, every aspect of his development influences who he becomes. Psychologists such as Piaget, Kohlberg, and Erikson have attempted to explain different facets of the cognitive development of humans in stages. However, this may not as clearly demonstrate cognitive development as personal experiences and observations. I asked my sister, Joanna, a series of questions pertaining to different aspects of her cognitive development including parental and peer influences during adolescence, increasing independence, and moral reasoning. First, I asked Joanna questions to find out to what degree her parents and peers have influenced her throughout adolescence. She described her parents and peers as having the same amount of influence over her but in different respects. She stated, “My parents were definitely influential on my morals and ethical values, and yet my friends and peers affected the way I conducted myself, dressed, acted, talked, what clubs I participated in, etc.” This seems to fit closely with the Myers’ Psychology textbook’s findings of parental and peer influences: Most teens . . . talk, dress, and act more like their peers than their parents. What their friends are, they often become, and what “everybody’s doing,”
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